Promotional Details:
* Coupon Codes: Simply use one of our listed coupon codes during the checkout process and active discounts will be applied to your balance due. Offers may exclude reduced price items and other items. Offers may be limited to one use per customer. Only one coupon code permitted per purchase. In the event an additional code is applied and processed as an order, we reserve the right to cancel or adjust order pricing to comply with permitted usage.

* Free Shipping on all orders over $75: via FedEx SmartPost applies to continental United States mailing addresses only. Excludes all other addresses. Upgrades to shipping status cannot be applied to this offer. 

* 20% "Hello Spud Gives Back" donations are combined with and may not not exceed a 30% amount of listed retail prices on any order. Donations are excluded from bulk orders, wholesale orders, promotional orders and store credit orders, and may be reduced from orders such as private sales and promotions to comply with the permitted maximum 30% amount per sale.

We reserve the right to update and change the terms of listed promotions at any time.

Organic Cotton:
All of our items that are labeled as “Organic Cotton” have been GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) or IOAS CU Certified (International Organic Accreditation Service), at their source of manufacturing. We follow safe and fair trade practices in the creation and sales of all of our products.

Trademark, Copyrights, Permits:
Hello Spud is a registered trademark in the United States of America, all designs and artwork displayed as part of the Hello Spud brand are protected copyrights of Hello Spud. Hello Spud is licensed to operate in the United States as a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and retailer as per federal and all state regulations and requirements.

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