Giving Back - The New York Milk Bank

The New York Milk Bank

For the month of July 2018, Hello Spud is partnering with The New York Milk Bank.

20% of the proceeds of your purchase will be contributed to The New York Milk Bank.

Human milk gives all babies the best start in life, but for premature or medically fragile infants breast milk can be life-saving. When a mother’s own milk is unavailable, pasteurized donated breast milk is the next best option.

The New York Milk Bank is the first comprehensive nonprofit milk bank in New York State. We collect milk from carefully screened donors, pasteurize it and distribute it to infants in New York State and the surrounding area. We are dedicated to improving the health and survival of infants in need by providing them with safely pasteurized donor human milk when their mothers’ own milk is unavailable or insufficient.

We opened in June 2016 and in two short years have outgrown our space. We are moving to a larger facility this month so we can meet the increased demand from hospitals and outpatients. We are so very grateful for your support to help us get milk to the babies who need it!

Baby Arriella was born early at 25 weeks and has survived and thrived for almost two years on donor milk from The New York Milk Bank. Your generosity will help us get more milk to babies like Arriella.

THANK YOU in advance for your support!