Giving Back - Steve's Camp at Horizon Farms

Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms

For the month of August 2018, Hello Spud is partnering with Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms

We hope every one is having a beautiful summer. The Hello Spud team was truly inspired by the Steve’s Camp mission, and decided they were the perfect match for our August 2018 Give Back campaign.

20% of the proceeds of your purchase will be contributed to Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms.

Steve’s Camp at Horizon Farms (SCHF) was launched in summer 2011 on the idea that a healthy relationship can spark a fire that lasts a lifetime. Every 2 weeks each summer since, SCHF has taken 50 young leaders, given them access to 100 acres and ask them to explore what it means to live a healthier life. Engaged throughout high school, leaders emerge holistically healthier and better equipped to take on the challenges that face our communities and world.

THANK YOU in advance for your support!